The SurveyMethods Results Summary report and Quick Report Generator reports are an easy way to view your consolidated survey data and filter your data using criteria analysis or other simple features. If you want to jump to responses for a specific question, SurveyMethods has a simple way to do so.

You can access the Results Summary and Quick Report Generator reports by logging in to your SurveyMethods account and then navigating to the Analyze menu of the survey you wish to analyze using the icon () from the My Surveys page.

Then you will launch the report either by clicking on Results Summary, or by clicking the Edit icon for the Quick Report you wish to view.

In the middle of the page there is a section called “Select Questions” with a dropdown listing all of the questions on your survey.

When you choose a specific question, the report will automatically display that question on the page you are viewing.

This can save you time compared with navigating to the page that contains the question.