If you want your survey to automatically close on a certain date and time, you can configure it in SurveyMethods using the “Automatically Close Survey” feature. To access this feature, navigate to the survey settings by clicking the settings icon () on the My Surveys page for which you want to schedule the close. Then click the link titled “Automatically Close Survey By Date/Time or Manage Quotas” on the right side under “Specify a Cut-Off Date/Time or Limit Responses”.

To close the survey, you will check the box that says “Automatically Close the Survey on this Date and Time”, set the time desired (based on U.S. and Canada Central time zone) and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

You will be notified by email when your survey closes. If a respondent attempts to take the survey after it is closed, they will be shown the survey closed message that is configured in the Survey Language Pack.

Note that you can also set up survey quotas on this page if you want the survey closed (or some other action taken) when a certain number of total responses, or responses that meet certain criteria, are received. You can learn more about survey quotas on our separate help article.