Sometimes events you create need to be canceled. SurveyMethods makes it easy to do so, even allowing you to automatically send an email to respondents so they can be kept informed. You can also restore a cancelled event if you need to make it active again.

To cancel (or restore) an event, you’ll need to navigate to the Calendar Events menu of your event registration survey. This page is available from either the Survey Settings menu or the Manage Survey menu.

First, log in to your SurveyMethods account, find the event registration survey whose guests you want to email, and click the Survey Settings icon () or Manage icon () on that row.

On the survey settings menu, look for Calendar Events on the bottom left and click “My Events”:

If you’re on the Manage Surveys page, find Manage Your Events on the right side and click My Events:

Either of these links will take you to the My Events menu where you will see a list of events in your event registration survey.

If your event is currently active, click the Cancel icon () to cancel the event.

You will see a message on the screen where you can choose whether or not to notify guests, as well as other information about canceling your event.

If you choose Yes, notify guests, you will be taken to a page to configure your email and when you click Send Now, the cancelation email will be sent to the selected respondents.

Once an event is canceled, its status on the My Events page will change to Canceled and the Cancel icon will change to a green Restore icon:

To restore the previously canceled event, simply click the restore icon (). You will be taken back to the event details page to confirm the event details, and then will again have an option to notify guests or not. The status will be changed back to Active.

Note that canceling an event can be reversed, but deleting an event is permanent.

Be sure to check out our help article on Managing Your Event Using SurveyMethods’ Event Registration Surveys for a complete overview on all of the event registration features of SurveyMethods.