SurveyMethods makes it easy to create sophisticated, visually-appealing online event registration surveys in minutes. These surveys simplify the event registration process for your attendees and, more importantly, you. They allow you to figure out who is attending or not, gather contact information, manage waitlists, and quickly and easily communicate with invitees and attendees.

To create an event registration survey, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Surveymethods account.
  2. Click the Create New Survey button on the My Surveys page, or hover over the Surveys menu on the navigation bar and choose “+ Create a Survey”.
  3. Choose “Create an Event Registration Survey” and click Create Survey.

You’ll be prompted to enter the title for your survey and select a Language Pack. Language packs allow you to customize the button text, help text, instructions, etc for your survey respondents. For more information on language packs, visit our Survey Language Packs help article.

Click Continue.

You will then be taken through the 5-step event registration survey wizard to create your event, add it to your survey, and set up communication templates to be sent to respondents and attendees.

For more information, read our article on Manage Your Event Using SurveyMethods Event Registration Surveys.

Once you’ve set up your event registration survey, it will be shown on your My Surveys page with a calendar icon next to the title, as seen below: