Using survey presentation styles, you can customize the look and feel of your surveys. There are two different presentation styles that you can apply to your surveys:

We are currently working on additional styles and hope to have those available later in 2020.

Apply a Presentation Style to Your Survey

To apply a presentation style to your survey, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SurveyMethods account and navigate to My Surveys.
  2. Locate the survey you would like to customize and click the Design icon ().
  3. Click the Change Style link on the top right:

You can also add your logo to the survey. For more information and complete instructions, visit our Add a Logo to Your Survey article.

Basic Presentation Styles

SurveyMethods provides several pre-designed Basic Presentation Styles that can be customized to your needs. You can change the font type, font size, font color, background color, and the border color of your survey to match your brand.

By default, the Subtle style is applied to a survey.

You can change the style by selecting from the list of predefined styles in the dropdown:

To create your own custom style, you can click Create My Own Style or edit an existing style by clicking the Edit button.

You will then be able to enter a name for your custom style and adjust the font types, sizes, weights, and colors, along with the background and border colors, and the backgrounds for matrix questions.

Below the customizations you will see a sample survey that will display a preview of the theme as you adjust the settings:

Click Save & Apply to save your changes and return to the survey, or Exit to return to the survey without saving your changes. The Applied Style will be shown as below on the Design Survey page:

If you wish to delete your custom style, you can choose it from the dropdown menu and then click the Delete button:

Note: you cannot delete a predefined basic presentation style, only a style that you created.

Graphical Presentation Styles

SurveyMethods provides beautiful, professionally designed Graphical Presentation Styles that you can apply to your surveys. These are predefined presentation styles that include stunning graphics on the header and background of your surveys to make them stand out. You can choose from nearly 100 unique styles across 19 categories (Business, Education, Charity, Finance, and much more!).

To change to a Graphical Presentation Style, choose “Graphical Style” in the Change Survey Style menu:

Choose from any of the 19 categories to display the available themes:

Then choose one of the available themes and you will see a sample displayed below.

Click Save & Apply to apply the selected graphical style and return to the Survey Design page, or Exit to return to the survey without saving your changes. The Applied Style will be shown at the top right of the Design Survey page:


  • Graphical Styles are not supported for surveys that have narrow width (780px).
    • If your survey width is set to Narrow and you apply a Graphical Style, the system will change your survey width to Wide (1024px).
    • You cannot set the width of your survey to Narrow (780px) after a Graphical Style is applied to your survey.
  • The applied Basic Styles will be visible in the survey design as you create or edit your survey. Graphical Styles, on the other hand, are not visible in the survey design module. It will be displayed when you preview your survey as well as when respondents take your survey.
  • On mobile devices, the presentation style chosen by you will be substituted with a lightweight, mobile-optimized style. This will not affect the survey’s appearance on computers. You can change this setting from the Survey Settings menu. 
  • Graphical Styles are only available to Professional and Enterprise subscribers.