Page logic conditions and actions are set up in the page logic menu as “groups”. If you would like to remove one or more page logic groups, you have two options – you can delete each one (permanent) or deactivate each one (remains in the survey and can be reactivated later).

To deactivate a page logic group, simply uncheck the “Active” box at the top right of the group. To delete a page logic group, click the Delete Group button and then confirm that you want to delete on the window that appears on the screen.

You can also delete all of the page logic from a page by clicking the red “X” in the page logic banner:

Subgroups can be deleted in the same way that groups are deleted, by clicking the Delete Subgroup link on the top right of the subgroup.

Page logic conditions can be deleted by clicking the “Delete” link on the bottom right of the condition:

For a complete overview of page logic, click here.