By default, the SurveyMethods Results Summary, Quick Report Generator, and Custom Report Builder reports will show data from all users who began the survey, whether they completed and submitted it or not. As respondents complete the survey we save their response data and the response is considered a “Partial” response until the respondent clicks the Submit button on the last page of the survey.

Using “partial” response data can sometimes skew your results since users could be testing the survey out or they might not expect that their response is being counted. SurveyMethods makes it easy to filter these results out by showing complete responses only. You can also show only Partial responses, which can make it easier to decide whether to keep them in the data or not.

To use this feature, first log in to your SurveyMethods account and then navigate to the Analyze menu of the survey you wish to analyze using the icon () from the My Surveys page.

Results Summary Report and Quick Report Generator Reports

Filtering for Complete or Partial Responses works the same on the Results Summary report and on any Quick Report Generator reports. First you will launch the report, either by clicking on Results Summary, or by clicking the Edit icon for the Quick Report you wish to filter.

On the left side there is a dropdown in the section titled “Select Responses” that allows you to choose between “All responses”, “Complete responses”, and “Partial responses”.

When you change this setting, the report will automatically update to filter for that type of response. You can return to all responses in the same dropdown.

Custom Report Builder

You can filter an existing report in the Custom Report Builder by clicking the Edit button on the report you wish to filter.

You can also create a new report and complete the 5-step wizard. Once you have finished the wizard and your draft report is displayed you can filter the report using the steps below.

Once your draft report is displayed, choose Data Filters under the Data Settings menu on the top left.

A dialog box will pop up and at the top will be an option to filter report data by Response Status. You can choose between “Show All Responses”, “Show Complete Responses”, and “Show Partial Responses”.

Choose the desired filter option and click Exit to return to the report with the filter applied.

Who Can Use This Feature?

This feature is available to all account types. However, only Professional and Enterprise users have access to the Quick Report Generator and Custom Report Builder.

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