The Individual Results report displays each survey response in detail.

To find this report, log in to your SurveyMethods account, find the survey you wish to analyze and click the Analyze icon () on that row.

On the Analyze Survey Results menu, select Individual Results in the Basic Reports section.

Elements of the Individual Results Report

The Individual Results report can be divided into four main sections:

Report Dashboard

The report dashboard displays the following information:

  • Respondent Type: Whether respondent accessed the survey using the web URL or an email invitation.
  • Email: Respondent’s email address (if available).
  • Response Status: Completed full survey or partial survey.
  • Survey URL: URL (web link) the respondent used to complete the survey. See our article on Custom Survey Links for more information.
  • Began Survey On/Time Began: Displays the date and time that the respondent began the survey.
  • Time Spent: Displays the amount of time the respondent took to complete the survey.
  • Points: If you have used any point-based questions in your survey, this line will display how many points the respondent received, what the maximum possible total is, and the percent of total.
  • Custom Fields: Displays the custom field labels and the values for the displayed response, if any.
  • Manage This Response Link: Displays the link used to access the survey, and allows you to delete the response and add or edit the custom field values.

Report Actions

To the right of the report dashboard, you will see several actions available for your report:

  • Publish Results: Allows you to share results online with colleagues or other constituents.
  • Export to Excel: Export the complete survey data to Excel (one row per individual response).
  • Convert to PDF: Converts the Individual Results report to a PDF.
  • Email PDF: Compose and send an email to one or more email addresses with the report attached as a PDF.

Response Quotas

If you have set up quotas in your survey, they will be listed in the Individual Results report below the report dashboard and actions. You can view if a response has been added to a quota. To learn more about survey quotas, visit our help article.

Delete Response, Filter Results Using Criteria, and View Response Specific Response

In the next section, you will see a button to delete the response that is currently displayed on the page.

You can filter the results in the individual results report by clicking the Create Criteria button. This allows you to filter by responses to one or more questions in your survey, by the date and time respondents took the survey, or on custom field values.

Lastly, you will see “Response [X] of [Y]” which shows you which response you are currently viewing and how many total responses are available. If any filtering criteria are active, the total responses will reflect the number of responses that meet your active criteria, whereas if there are no active criteria, the total will reflect the total responses received to date.

Individual Response

At the bottom of the report you will see the complete response.

This will display the user’s response for each question in detail. For multiple-response questions, the report will display all of the responses selected by the respondent. For matrix questions, the response will be displayed in a matrix format, similar to how the respondent viewed the question.

You can scroll through the responses using the arrow next to the response number above the individual responses, or by typing a response number in the box and clicking “Go”.


If you have embedded events into your survey, the event details along with the response will be displayed along with each response as shown below. View our article on Managing Your Event with SurveyMethods for more information.

For a demo of the Individual Results report, watch our demo video on Basic Reports and the Quick Report Generator.