SurveyMethods makes it easy to export your survey results to Excel, which gives you additional flexibility in analyzing your data and also allows you to upload the data to statistical analysis software if desired.

SurveyMethods lets you export your results either as an Excel file or a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, and also lets you choose between exporting the results exactly as they appear on your survey or exporting the results as numerical values, which allows you to upload the data to statistical analysis software. We discuss all of these options in further detail below.

How to Export Survey Results

  1. Log in to your SurveyMethods account.
  2. From the My Surveys page, click the Analyze icon () of the survey whose data you wish to export.
  1. Choose either of the Basic Reports: Results Summary or Individual Results.
  1. At the top of the report, on the right-hand side, select Export to Excel.

** Note: If you have any filters active on your Results Summary or Individual Results report, the application will only export the results that meet the active criteria.

  1. Choose the export format and sort order.

You can export the data either to a spreadsheet (.xls) or as a comma-separated text file (.csv). Export it to CSV if you intend to import it into other applications. Either format can be opened in Excel.

You also need to choose between exporting actual data or numerical data. When you choose “Export actual data”, the system will output the responses exactly as they appear in your survey. When you choose the “Export numerical data” option, the system converts answer options to numerical values, which can then be uploaded to statistical analysis software. For example, if you have a gender question with three responses – Male, Female, Other/Prefer not to respond – the “Export actual data” will export these as text (e.g. “Male”), while “Export numerical data” will convert these to “1”, “2”, and “3”, respectively. For more information on exporting data as numerical values, click here.

Lastly you need to choose if you would like the data sorted by launch sequence (when the survey was launched to the respondent) or the date the survey was taken by the respondent.

  1. Click Export. The system may take up to a few minutes to generate the file, depending on how much response data your survey contains. Once your file is ready, the system will display a link to download it in red towards the top of the page.

Click the link to download the file and then you can open the file from your Downloads folder or by clicking the file on the bottom of the screen, depending on which browser you are using.

Note that the charts from the Results Summary report are not exported to Excel. The Excel export feature only exports the raw data.

Who Can Use This Feature?

SurveyMethods Advanced, Professional and Enterprise accounts can export survey results to Excel.