When you export your data to Excel, you can export the actual data or you can choose to export your data as numerical values. When you choose the Export Numerical Data option, the system converts answer options to numerical values.

This concept is best explained with an example. Our sample survey contained this question:

Exporting as actual values will populate the Excel spreadsheet with the text choices of the respondent (e.g. “Under 18”, “19 – 25”), while for numerical data the application will substitute numbers for the answer options (“Under 18” = 1, “19 – 25” = 2, etc). This is what our results look like in the two exports:

You can upload the spreadsheet with numerical values to your statistical software such as SPSS or Stata and then map the numerical values to the original response values.

Who Can Use This Feature?

SurveyMethods Advanced, Professional and Enterprise accounts can all export survey results to Excel.

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