In SurveyMethods, you have the ability to require a respondent to answer a question in order to proceed to the next page or submit their survey. You can change this setting when adding a question or in the Full Question Edit menu by selecting the mandatory checkbox at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you would like to customize the message displayed when a user tries to proceed to the next page or submit their survey and has not completed a mandatory question, you can change it by creating a custom Language Pack and modifying the text. Visit our Language Packs help article for more information.

Mandatory questions will display a red asterisk (*) next to the question number. To quickly change a question between mandatory and optional, you can select the gear icon on the top right of any question and click “Make/Remove Mandatory” to toggle between mandatory and optional.


  • If a question with more than one text box or row is made mandatory, the respondent will have to complete all parts of the question in order to proceed.
  • If page logic is applied to your survey which results in a page being skipped that has mandatory questions, respondents will not be required to complete those questions.