SurveyMethods provides a shortcut to quickly edit your question and answer choices if you just need to make minor wording changes or correct a spelling error or typo. When you hover over a question or answer text, you will see a pencil icon (). For the question text, clicking on the pencil icon will pop up a text box allowing you to edit the question text.

For the answer choices, clicking on the pencil will display three options:

  • Edit: quick-edit the answer choice.
  • Add: add another answer choice.
  • Full Question Edit: open the full question edit dialog box to change any aspect of your question. See more details in our Full Question Edit article.

If your survey does not contain responses, you can edit, add, or delete answer options, or make other changes to your survey questions.

For surveys with responses, you can make minor changes to your survey questions, correct spelling and grammar errors, configure additional settings for your survey like adding an additional comments box, or changing mandatory and randomization options.

If you have responses and want to make major edits, you will first need to delete all of the responses to your survey.