Note: This section discusses managing your calendar events but does not cover creating events using the event question type or other features of using SurveyMethods for event management. For more information on these topics, see the help articles linked here.

Once you’ve created one or more events in your survey you can manage them from the Calendar Events menu in Survey Settings. To find this menu, first click on the settings icon () of your event registration survey from the My Surveys page, and then look for Calendar Events on the left side. Click the My Events link to view a list of events in the survey and find available actions.

The My Events page will show you a list of events in your survey.

In this menu, you can:

Edit Event Details

Clicking the Edit icon () takes you to the Edit Calendar event page where you can edit the event details, location, RSVP message, and waitlist settings.

Edit Calendar Event can also be accessed from the Design Survey menu by finding the event question and clicking the Full Question Edit link.

Send an Email to Respondents

To send an email to all respondents or a subset of respondents (e.g. only “Yes” responses), click the Send Email icon () in the My Events menu.

You can then configure the email, including which respondents you want it sent to, and click Send Now.

You can preview the email with the “Email Preview” button. You can also insert custom fields into the subject or message body if you’d like to customize the email for respondents.

Note that this will only send an email to individuals that have completed the survey. If you need to send a reminder to invitees to complete the survey, you can do that using the Send Reminders feature.

View or Edit the Confirmation Email

To view or edit the confirmation email sent to respondents who are attending your event (or those who select Maybe), click the view/edit confirmation email icon (). There you can change the confirmation email settings, subject, email body and contact information question to use.

Schedule Automatic Reminders

To view, add or edit the automatic reminders for your event, click the automatic reminders icon (). You can learn more about event automatic reminders from our Schedule Automatic Reminders help article.

View or Manage the Event Waitlist

If you have a waitlist enabled for your event, you can view the waitlist details and manage the waitlist by clicking the waitlist icon ().

On the waitlist page, you will see the attendee limit that you previously set, the number of attendees you currently have, how many spots are left in your event, and the number of guests on your waitlist. Down below you will see a list of guests on the waitlist. You can search or filter the waitlisted guests as well as perform actions, such as manually changing their RSVP (regardless of the attendee limit you can adjust the RSVP of a guest) or, if you have space open (through other guests cancelling or an increase in the attendee limit), you can selectively send an invitation to guests on the waitlist to let them know that space is available.

For a complete review of the features available on the waitlist, visit our help article on Creating and Managing Waitlists.

Cancel, Restore or Delete an Event

To cancel an event, click the Cancel icon () on the Calendar Events menu. This will cancel the event but will not delete the event. You will have an option to automatically notify respondents if desired. A “Cancelled” watermark will be displayed on the event page if any attendee visits it. If you’ve cancelled an event and wish to restore it, click the Restore icon (). You will then need to confirm the event details and will again have an option to notify guests.

To permanently delete an event, click the Delete icon (). If your event is added to a survey you may need to delete it from the survey itself. You will be provided instructions in the application to do so.