The newsletter colors menu, found on the right side of the design newsletter page, allows you to customize the color scheme of your newsletter. This menu allows you to change colors of the following elements:

  1. Newsletter Background
  2. Banner font color (heading and subheading)
  3. Body background, heading text and body text
  4. Footer background and text

We’ll cover each of these in further detail below. For a complete overview of the SurveyMethods newsletter module, visit our article Create a Newsletter from Scratch. To set a background image, visit the Newsletter Backgrounds help article.

Newsletter Background Color

You can set the newsletter background color by clicking on the Background tab within the Colors menu.

Choose one of the suggested colors or use the “Custom” dropdown to choose any color. The preview pane will automatically update to show the selected color.

To upload an image or choose a predesigned background image, visit our help article on Newsletter Backgrounds.

You can change the font color of the header and subheader in the banner by clicking the banner tab in the Colors menu.

Choose from the suggested colors or select a color from the “Custom” dropdown. The chosen color will be applied to both the header and subheader.

The background color or image for the banner can be set by editing the banner element. For more information visit the banner element section of the Newsletter Objects article.

Body Background and Font Colors

You can customize the background and font colors of the body of your newsletter using the Body tab in the Colors menu.

The tab is split into three sections: background color, heading text color, and body text color. Choose one option from each section and the preview pane will update to reflect your selections.

You can set the footer background and font colors from the footer tab of the Colors menu.

Select one of the recommended colors or choose your own from the Custom dropdown.

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