SurveyMethods newsletters allow you to integrate social media components into your newsletters so that recipients can share the newsletter on Facebook or Twitter with one click. Note that both of these settings only impact the web version of your newsletter. Neither will appear in the email version of the newsletter that recipients receive.

The social media components settings can be found in the Settings menu on the right side and consists of two settings:

  • Social Sharing Buttons (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Facebook Comments

Social Sharing Buttons

The social sharing buttons setting allows you to insert icons at the top of your newsletter that allow users to share the newsletter on their Facebook page or tweet the newsletter link on Twitter. The social sharing buttons appear at the top of the web version of the newsletter if this setting is enabled.

Facebook Comments

The Facebook Comments setting allows users to comment on the newsletter by connecting their Facebook profile to identify themselves and leave a comment. The Facebook Comments setting displays on the bottom of the newsletter when enabled. Users can simply insert their comment and click Post. They will also have an option to share their comment on Facebook.

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