SurveyMethods provides more than just award-winning survey software. We also have polling and event management software, as well as a free, easy-to-use newsletter application. To launch your newsletter, first log in to your SurveyMethods account and navigate to the My Newsletters page by clicking Newsletters on the main navigation bar.

You can create a new newsletter by clicking the Create Newsletter button or modify an existing one by clicking the Design & Launch icon:

Once you are finished customizing your newsletter, you’re ready to launch it. You can launch it by clicking the Launch link at the top right.

You must choose between email deployment and web URL deployment:

  • Email deployment: enter or upload email addresses and have SurveyMethods send the newsletter for you.
  • Web URL deployment: generate a link to your newsletter that you can then share on social media, insert in an email, or post on your website.

Note that if you choose email deployment you will also be given the web URL at the last step that can be shared.

If you’re launching by email, you will next be prompted to enter your email addresses, one per line, or choose from one of your saved email lists. For more information on email lists, visit our Create a New Email List help article. I’ve entered three email addresses manually:

If you want to save the emails as a list for future use, click the checkbox below and enter a name for the list.

Click Continue when you’re ready. On the final step, you will enter your “From” name and email address, and the subject you want for your email.

When you’re ready to send your newsletter out, click Launch. SurveyMethods batches the emails to limit the risk that it will be caught in spam filters, so it may take 5-20 minutes for the first email to go out, and up to an hour for the last email if you sent to a large number of email addresses.

The system will also display the web URL for your newsletter, which you can use to distribute on social media or your website, if desired. Your recipients will also have a “View in Browser” link if there are any issues with the formatting of the newsletter they received.

Newsletter Launch Statistics

Once your newsletter has gone out, you can view statistics on your launch by clicking the Manage icon on your My Newsletters page:

There you’ll see information about when the newsletter was (first) launched, how many times the newsletter has been accessed by the web URL, and then information about your email deployment, such as number of emails it was launched to, how many recipients have opened the email, how many visited the newsletter in their browser, and how many recipients have opted out.

You can click the numbers in the email deployment section to see the more details, and you can click the “Edit or Send Newsletter to Additional Recipients” link to launch to additional recipients.

Analyze Newsletter Activity

The Analyze newsletter activity menu can be accessed by clicking the Analyze icon from the My Newsletters page.

The analyze menu includes similar information as the Manage menu, along with a few graphs that show you how many recipients opened the newsletter over time.

You can customize the time period for the graphs using the dropdown at the top right of each chart.

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