SurveyMethods makes it easy for you to communicate with guests who have responded that they are attending (or not attending) your event. You can schedule automatic reminders for your event (say if you want a reminder sent out two weeks prior to the event date), but you can also manually send an email to guests at any time.

To send an email to event guests, you’ll need to navigate to the Calendar Events menu of your event registration survey. This page is available from either the Survey Settings menu or the Manage Survey menu.

First, log in to your SurveyMethods account, find the event registration survey whose guests you want to email, and click the Survey Settings icon () or Manage icon () on that row.

On the survey settings menu, look for Calendar Events on the bottom left and click “My Events”:

If you’re on the Manage Surveys page, find Manage Your Events on the right side and click My Events:

Either of these links will take you to the My Events menu where you will see a list of events in your event registration survey. Click the icon under “Send Email” to manually send an email to respondents.

Choose who to send your email to, configure the details, compose the message, and click Send Now at the bottom of the page when you are ready to send your email.

You can include event details or a link to the event page in your email by adding or moving the [EVENT-DETAILS] and [EVENTS-LINK] tags. You can also add custom field values if you want to customize the message for your respondents. For more information on custom fields, visit our help article Using Custom Fields in SurveyMethods.

You also have an option to send a copy of the email to yourself so you can ensure it is received by respondents and see how it is formatted.

For a complete overview of event registration surveys, visit our help article Manage Your Event Using SurveyMethods’ Event Registration Surveys.