SurveyMethods provides two types of mailing lists – basic email lists and advanced email lists. Basic email lists are simple lists of emails, with no other identifying information, while advanced email lists include an email address along with up to five custom field values. For more information on the two types, view our help articles on Basic Email Lists and Advanced Email Lists.

To create a new email list, first go to the mailing list menu by clicking the “Mailing Lists” link on the main navigation bar.

Then click the Create New List button on the top right.

There you can choose whether to create a Basic or Advanced email list.

When you launch a survey by email, you can also choose to store any entered email addresses in a new email list. Choose Basic or Advanced email list, enter your email addresses (and custom fields, if applicable) and then check the box “Save this Email List for Future Use” and enter a name for the list.

Who Can Use This Feature?

Basic email lists are available for all accounts, although Basic accounts are only allowed to have up to 5 email lists. Advanced accounts may have unlimited Basic email lists, while Professional and Enterprise accounts can have unlimited Basic and Advanced email lists.