Partial responses are survey responses where the respondent began the survey but did not click the Submit button. These may be respondents who closed the window because the survey is taking too long, people who don’t think the survey is relevant to them, respondents who begin the survey and never return to complete it, or respondents who simply forget to click the Submit button at the end of the survey. SurveyMethods will capture their response as they complete the survey and will save it as a Partial Response. Users who submit their survey will be marked as Complete Responses.

In the survey analysis menu, you can easily filter by Complete or Partial Responses, but on occasion you may want to delete all partial responses to exclude them from your analysis.

You can delete all partial responses from the Manage Survey menu, which can be accessed by clicking the Manage icon () from the My Surveys page.

On the bottom left you will see options to Delete All Partial Responses or Delete All Responses.

You will need to confirm on the next page before responses are deleted.