With SurveyMethods polls, you can also choose whether or not to display poll results to respondents, and if those results are displayed as percentages or vote counts.

To edit this setting, first log in to your SurveyMethods account and navigate to the My Polls page by clicking “Polls” on the navigation bar. Then either create a new poll or click the Edit icon of the poll whose settings you want to change.

In the Display Poll Results section, choose between Display percentages, Display numeric vote count, or Do not display poll results.

Below are screenshots of what respondents will see once they vote:

Display percentages:

Display numeric vote count:

Do not display poll results:

Respondents will see a pop-up thanking them for voting (or whatever the message is set to in the Poll Language Pack), and then will be returned to the poll.

When you launch your poll you will also be provided code to embed your poll results on any webpage. This will allow you to share the results separate from the poll itself.

For more information on SurveyMethods Polls, visit the SurveyMethods Polls help article.