Note: This article covers the language pack feature for polls in SurveyMethods. The survey language setting is covered in the Survey Language Packs help article.

Language packs allow you to customize messages and button texts or to translate them into nearly any language. SurveyMethods currently provides two default language packs for polls: English and Spanish (survey language packs includes 14 built-in languages). If you need to create a poll in a language that we don’t have, you can easily add it by creating your own language pack.

You choose the language pack from the language dropdown in the Poll Settings section:

If you wish to customize the language pack or add a new one, click the Create New link. The language pack menu will appear on the screen. Enter a name for your custom language pack and then enter the desired text:

When you’re satisfied with your language pack, click Save. The new language pack will appear in the language dropdown and you will also see options to edit or delete the language pack.

You can also access poll language packs from the My Polls menu using the Language Pack button at the top right:

You can create and save as many language packs as you need.

For more information on SurveyMethods Polls, visit the SurveyMethods Polls help article.