To change the settings for your poll, first log in to your SurveyMethods account and navigate to the My Polls page by clicking “Polls” on the navigation bar. Then either create a new poll or click the Edit icon of the poll whose settings you want to change.

In the poll settings section, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Poll Type: Set whether respondents can choose one option only or more than one.
  • Button Text: Enter the text for the submit button on your poll (default is “Vote”).
  • Language: Set the language pack for your poll. Learn more about Poll Language Packs.
  • Enable posting of comments: Choose whether to have an open-ended field and what the text should be for that option.
  • Manage repeat voting: Choose whether respondents can only vote once or multiple times. Note if you select “Block repeat voting” we will use cookies to manage responses. If users delete cookies or use a different browser or device they will be able to bypass the restriction.
  • Display poll results: Choose whether or not to display the poll results when a respondent submits the survey, as well as whether to display results as percentages or vote counts.

For more information on SurveyMethods Polls, visit the SurveyMethods Polls help article.