To schedule automatic reminders for your survey invitees, navigate to the survey settings menu by clicking the settings icon () from the My Surveys page. Then click Set Up Automatic Reminders under Survey Communication Properties.

To schedule your first reminder, click Create.

The wizard will walk you through the remaining steps:

  1. Set the date, time zone, and hour you want the reminder sent out.
  1. Choose whether you want the reminder sent to invitees who have not responded or partially responded, or send to both groups.
  1. Configure the email settings, compose the message, and click Add.

You can insert custom fields in the subject or email message using the “Insert Custom Fields” links next to each text box. These will allow you to customize the email message with information specific to each respondent. For more information on custom fields, see our article Using Custom Fields in SurveyMethods.

The automatic reminders menu will show all of the reminders that are scheduled:

You can use the actions on the right side to edit the reminder, delete it, or preview it. You can also cancel the reminder by clicking the “Change Status” button below the current status.

Automatic Reminder Status

There are three options for the automatic reminder status:

  • Active: Pending – The reminder is active and scheduled to be sent out at the specified date and time.
  • Canceled – The reminder has been canceled.
  • Processed – The reminder has been sent to the intended recipients at the specified date and time.

Note: To manually cancel a reminder, click “Change Status.”