To hide the progress indicator or change the page numbering style, navigate to the settings menu by clicking the settings icon () on the survey you wish to modify, and then choose “Edit Navigation and Numbering Properties” on the top right side of the settings menu.

The first section of the navigation and numbering properties menu allows you to enable or disable the progress bar, enable or disable page numbering, and choose how page numbering is displayed on the page.

By default, the progress bar and page numbering are enabled and page numbering is set to “Page X of Y”.

Progress Bar Enabled and Page Numbering Disabled

Progress Bar Enabled and Page Numbering as “Page X”

Display the progress bar and the page number, without displaying the total pages in the survey.

Default Option: Progress Bar and Page Numbering Enabled

Display the progress bar, the page number, and the total number of pages in the survey. This is the default option.

Disable Progress Bar and Page Numbering

If you wish to also hide page numbering in the page title, you can select “Hide Survey Page Numbers” in the “Numbering” section below the “Navigation” section”.