Once you have launched your survey, SurveyMethods shows you real-time response statistics, including the status, launch date, close date (if applicable), total survey takers, and median response time. You can also see how many respondents were from the web launch and email launch, split between partial and complete responses.

You can find the survey launch and response statistics on the manage survey menu as well as on the analyze survey menu. To reach these, you can click on the Manage icon () or the Analyze icon () on the My Surveys page.

On both of these menus, the response statistics are displayed at the top of the page.

You can manage web responses and email invitees, or view the email delivery report, using the links. These allow you to view the responses or manage email invitees, such as re-sending the invitation, opting the respondent in or out to your emails, viewing invitee information, clearing the user’s response, or identifying any issues with email delivery.