To comply with international spam rules, every account in SurveyMethods by default has an email list called the Master Opt Out List. This email list contains email addresses for users who have clicked the opt-out link contained in your survey invitation or newsletter.

To view or edit the Master Opt Out list, go to the mailing list menu by clicking the “Mailing Lists” link on the main navigation bar.

The Master Opt Out list will always be the first email list displayed.

You can view this list using the view icon () or you can add emails to it with the import () and edit () icons.

Once you’ve launched a survey to an email list, you can also see if any of your invitees have opted out of emails. To do so, go to the manage survey menu by clicking the manage icon () on the My Surveys page for the survey you want to view.

Under Email Deployment Status you can see how many emails were invited and how many of those have opted out.

Click on the number to see a list of email addresses that opted out, or click “Manage Email Invitees” to see the full email list along with their opt-out status.

If a respondent made a mistake, you can opt them back in by either selecting the checkbox to the left of their email address and clicking the “Opt In” button, or by clicking the grey opt-in icon ().

Conversely, if anyone emails you or verbally requests to not be contacted, you can opt them out by clicking the opt-out icon () or selecting the checkbox next to their email and clicking the “Opt Out” button.

Lastly, you can add or remove names from the Master Opt Out list to update their opt-out status.

Important Notes

  • You an add or remove emails to this list but you cannot delete the list or make a copy of it.
  • The Master Opt Out list is unique to your SurveyMethods account, not to specific surveys. If a user has clicked the opt out link in any of your surveys or newsletters, they will be opted out of all email communication from your account, not just the survey that included the link.

If an email is on the master opt-out list and they are added as an email in the survey launch process, they will not receive the survey invite. If you wish to send the survey to them through the application, you will first need to remove their email from the Master Opt Out list.