There are several different ways that you can test or preview your survey:

  1. From the My Surveys page
  2. From within the Survey Design page
  3. Using the survey web URL

Previewing Your Survey from the My Surveys Page

From the My Surveys page, you can test any of your surveys by clicking on the survey title.

When you click on the survey title you will have two options: Record and Do Not Record:

If you choose Record, your response will be recorded and can be viewed or deleted in the survey analyze menu. If you choose Do Not Record, your response will not be counted even if you click the Submit button at the end of the survey.

Either way, the survey will open in a new window and will be displayed to you exactly as it would appear to a respondent:

Previewing Your Survey from the Survey Design Page

On the Survey Design menu, you can preview your survey by clicking the Preview button at the top right of the page.

You will see the same options as above, Record and Do Not Record.

Testing a Live Survey

Once your survey is live, you can still test it with the two methods demonstrated above. You can also test it by including your own email as an invitee and using the unique URL you are sent, or by copying and pasting the web launch URL, which will be shown to you after you launch the survey, and is also available in the Survey Settings, and Manage Survey menus.

Note that if you test from an email or web launch URL, your response will always be recorded. You can delete your response from the Manage Survey menu or the Individual Results report in the Analyze menu.