SurveyMethods provides a variety of survey analysis features, which allow you to view and analyze your survey results in real-time. You can choose from one of our built-in reports or create your own custom reports to get the most out of your data. Once your report is ready, you can export it, depending on the report type, to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF. You can also email a PDF of your report or publish it online to provide real-time access to your survey results.

There are two categories of reporting tools available in the application:

Basic Reports:

Professional Reports:

Legacy (older) accounts may have access to a report called Segmentation and Analysis. This report has been replaced with the Custom Report Builder. If you have issues with an old report, please contact SurveyMethods support at

To get started, log in to your SurveyMethods account, find the survey you wish to analyze and click the Analyze icon () on that row.

You will be taken to the Analyze Survey menu, which is split into four sections:

Report Dashboard

The first section of the Analyze Survey menu shows you real-time survey launch and response statistics, including the survey status, launch date, closed date, number of survey respondents, and median response time. In the second column you can find response statistics for web deployment, and in the third column are statistics for email deployment. To manage web deployment responses, click the “Manage Web Responses” link and to manage email responses, click the “Manage Email Invitees” link.

If you have one or more points-based questions in your survey you will have an option to exclude 0-point responses below the survey dashboard.

Basic Reports

Professional Reports: Quick Report Generator

The SurveyMethods Quick Report Generator provides additional customization, allowing you to present your survey data using stunning graphs and charts like column, pie, bubble, area, line, and scatter. Within this report, you can filter responses by complete or partial responses, or use criteria analysis to create custom filters. This report can be published online, exported to PDF, converted to Word or PowerPoint, printed, or emailed as a PDF. Learn more about the Quick Report Generator or watch our video demo.

Professional Reports: Custom Report Builder

The Custom Report Builder is an advanced reporting tool which allows you to design your own custom reports using drag and drop objects.

The Custom Report Builder includes the following features:

  • Customize the layout of your report using drag and drop objects.
  • Choose the objects you want to add to your report – headers, footers, text and formatting elements, charts, statistical tables, and lots more!
  • Configure the page size, text formats, and spacing between elements.
  • Generate cross-tab tables and charts, add multiple segments to slice your data, compare and analyze segments, export reports to Word, and more!

When you click the Create Report button, you will be taken through a 5-step wizard to create your report. You can then further customize the report using the drag and drop interface.

For more information on the SurveyMethods Custom Report builder, see our complete help article or watch the demo video.