To launch your survey by email, click the launch icon () from the My Surveys page to be taken through the survey launch wizard. You will be taken to the launch menu and can choose to launch via email or to deploy the survey using a web URL.

Before you launch your survey, you will be able to decide whether you want to use the default SurveyMethods survey URL or a custom URL which represents your company brand. Click here to read more on using custom URLs for your surveys.

When you choose to launch your survey via email, you will be taken through a five-step wizard:

  1. Choose whether to allow multiple responses per respondent or limit it to one response per respondent. You can also choose whether or not to enable the Save & Resume feature.
  2. Enter the email addresses for deployment or choose a mailing list you previously created.
  3. Configure your survey email invitation.
  4. Configure the survey welcome greeting (or choose to skip).
  5. Configure the survey completion action.

We’ll cover each of these in a bit more detail below.

Allow Single/Multiple Responses and Activate Save & Resume

Please visit our separate help article for more information on allowing single or multiple responses and activating the Save & Resume feature.

Enter Email Addresses

On step 2, you can enter the email addresses for the survey or you can choose an existing mailing list.

If you choose Basic Email List Management you will enter the email addresses, one per row.

You can save your email list for future use by checking the box below and entering a name for the list.

If you choose Advanced Email List Management, you will enter the email addresses and one or more custom fields, separated by commas. Each entry will take up one line.

You can also rename the custom fields by replacing the entries in the boxes above (originally labeled “Custom Field1”, “Custom Field2”, etc). You can enter up to 5 custom fields per email address.

If you’ve already created an email list using SurveyMethods Mailing Lists feature, you can choose that list from the dropdown menu.

Lastly, there is a checkbox to choose whether your survey should be sent only to recipients who have not taken the survey already. If this box is checked, the system will compare your list with the survey responses and exclude any recipients that have already submitted a response. If you do not check this box, the survey will be sent to everyone on the list, regardless of whether they have received it previously and completed the survey.

Configure Survey Email Invitation

Once you have the recipient list completed, you will need to configure your survey email invitation.

For more information on the survey invitation email, including inserting custom field values, please visit our separate help article.

Configure Survey Welcome Greeting

On step 4 you will choose whether to skip the survey welcome greeting (respondents will be taken directly to the survey) or you can configure a custom message.

For more information on the web greeting, including inserting custom fields, visit our separate help article.

Configure Survey Completion Action

The last step in the email launch wizard is to configure the survey completion action. You can choose between the following options:

  • Redirect respondents to a website.
  • Display a custom message.

When you’re satisfied with the configuration, click the Launch button at the bottom of the page.

Your survey will be queued for launch and will start going out within approximately 20 minutes of the launch (but often sooner). The survey emails will be sent out in batches over time to maximize delivery and minimize the risk that they are caught in spam filters.